December 4, 2021

Rob Zombie Unveils Munsters Reboot’s 1313 Mockingbird Lane

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Rob Zombie

The Munsters reboot movie is a labor of love for horror filmmaker and diehard Munsters fan Rob Zombie, and he’s been keeping fans in the loop on social media every step of the way. The project has been in the pre-production stages in Budapest, Hungary for the past couple of months, and Zombie has routinely shared costume, makeup, and set updates the whole time. His latest is the most exciting yet as it confirms that the monstrous family’s iconic house is 100% finished – and it couldn’t look better.

Zombie shared a selfie of himself posing outside the fully built set of the Munsters’ home on his Instagram. “Greetings from Hungary aka 1313 Mockingbird Lane,” the director wrote in his caption. Complete in black and white — which feels authentic to the original 1960s show — this version of the spooky mansion looks like a spot-on recreation of the one from the sitcom.

Back when he first shared the blueprints for the house, Zombie promised it would be “the most perfect Munsters house since 1964. I want this thing exact.” Well, now that we’ve seen the finished thing, it’s clear that he got his wish. This dedication to getting everything just right extends to everything else about the production we’ve seen so far, with Herman, Lily, and Grandpa’s prosthetics and costumes matching their classic counterparts.

As this is Zombie behind the camera, though, fans are wondering whether he’ll be giving the Munsters his own – maybe R-rated or gorier – spin. But that’s yet to be confirmed. What we do know is that Sheri Moon Zombie is playing Lily, with Jeff Daniel Phillips as Herman. Richard Brake, Dan Roebuck, Jorge Garcia, Sylvester McCoy, and Cassandra “Elvira” Peterson are also in the cast in currently undisclosed roles.

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When The Munsters reboot does arrive sometime next year, it’s set to get a simultaneous day-and-date release in theaters and on Paramount Plus.

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