December 4, 2021

How Does Naruto Die?

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After that flash forward scene in the first episode of Boruto depicted The Leaf Village in ruins and Naruto presumably dead, many fans have wondered about Naruto’s fate in the anime. Since that flash forward scene depicted the future, fans have waited to see when this impending fate finally catches up to the present. Recently in both the anime and the manga, events have transpired that led fans to believe that the time for Naruto’s death had finally arrived. But is he really dead?

In episode 218 and chapter 55 of Boruto, Naruto faces off against Isshiki Otsutsuki in an attempt to keep Isshiki from planting another Karma inside Kawaki. The battle became one-sided as Isshiki easily overpowered Naruto and Sasuke; forcing Naruto to consult Kurama for a solution. Kurama then suggests that they use a special mode that will greatly increase their power to where Naruto could fight Isshiki on a equal footing. However, the mode comes with a price: the excessive amount of chakra required to utilize the mode will cause both Naruto and Kurama to die…

Naruto accepts this, as he is prepared to die protecting Kawaki, and activates the technique, Baryon Mode. Near the end of his battle with Isshiki, Naruto loses Baryon Mode and is reunited with Kurama one last time…

Kurama then confesses that he initially lied to Naruto about the true ramifications of Baryon mode. He proceeds to tell Naruto that the mode actually exhausted all of his Nine Tail Chakra and that he will soon die…but Naruto will not be joining him. He then admits that he knew Naruto wouldn’t agree to using the mode if it meant only Kurama would die, so he misled Naruto purposely so Naruto would be able to use Baryon Mode freely without worrying about him.  And after a tearful and heartfelt farewell, Kurama finally passes away.

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So as it currently stands, Naruto is still alive. Of course, now that Kurama is gone, Naruto can no longer use the Nine Tails chakra that has made him one of the most powerful characters in the series; but at least he’s still breathing. However, now that Naruto is in a much weaker state, he’s definitely going to be much easier to kill in the future. Though it seems fans have quite a while before the manga and anime come full circle to that flash forward scene in the beginning of Boruto, at least they’ve been given a hint that Naruto’s recent separation from Kurama may have a part to play in his demise. Until then, they’ll just have to stay tuned to the series to find out how everything led up to that flash forward scene and when Naruto will really die.

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