Mike Flynn Outs Himself As A Russian Asset While Blaming Biden For Ukraine Invasion


Mike Flynn used the Kremlin’s talking points as he tried to blame President Biden for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Read Flynn’s statement:

The statement itself is remarkable because it blatantly uses Putin’s talking points. The claim of ethnic problems in Ukraine is a lie. The idea that the Biden administration, which left the door open to diplomacy until Putin invaded, dismissed Russian security concerns is also a lie and Putin talking point.

Flynn complained about Russia being demonized and claimed that Trump’s relationship with Russia was all a giant conspiracy carried out by the Clinton campaign and the Obama administration, which is also a claim that Putin made to cover his tracks with Trump.

Mike Flynn said that Russia is being demonized and blamed Biden for Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has outed the Putin co-conspirators on the right. From Donald Trump and Mike Flynn to Tucker Carlson.

Mike Flynn and the others are putting out in the open for the nation to see. Flynn, Trump, and the others are making it explicit that they are enemies of America.

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