Bet you didn’t know these bizarre customs and traditions from around the world

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Bet you didn’t know these bizarre customs and traditions from around the world
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Bet You Didn’t Know These Bizarre Customs and Traditions from Around the World

Every country has its own set of customs and traditions that make it unique. Some of these customs and traditions are well-known, but there are many that are bizarre and unknown to the rest of the world. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most unusual customs and traditions from around the world that you might not have known about.

1. Baby Jumping Festival (El Colacho) – Spain

Every year in the Spanish village of Castrillo de Murcia, men dressed as devils jump over babies born in the previous 12 months. This bizarre tradition is said to cleanse the babies of sin and protect them from evil spirits.

2. Finger Cutting – Papua New Guinea

In Papua New Guinea, the Dani tribe marks the death of a loved one by cutting off a finger. This is done as a sign of respect and mourning, and it is believed that the finger will accompany the deceased into the afterlife.

3. Cheese Rolling – England

In the town of Gloucester, England, a cheese rolling festival is held every year where participants chase a wheel of cheese down a hill. The first person to reach the bottom wins the cheese.

4. Night of the Radishes – Mexico

On December 23rd, the town of Oaxaca, Mexico holds a festival where locals carve intricate designs into radishes. This tradition dates back to the 16th century and is said to have originated as a way to promote the sale of radishes during Christmas.

5. La Tomatina – Spain

In the town of Buñol, Spain, a massive tomato fight is held every year on the last Wednesday in August. Participants throw thousands of tomatoes at each other in a chaotic but fun event.

6. Wife-Carrying – Finland

In Finland, a wife-carrying competition is held every year where men carry their wives through an obstacle course. The winner receives their wife’s weight in beer.

7. Thaipusam – Malaysia

Thaipusam is a Hindu festival held in Malaysia where participants pierce their skin with hooks and skewers. The festival is said to be a way to show devotion to the deity Murugan.

8. Holi – India

Holi is a Hindu festival of colors held in India where participants throw colored powder and water at each other. The festival is said to represent the victory of good over evil.

These are just a few of the many bizarre customs and traditions from around the world. While they may seem strange to outsiders, they are an important part of the culture and history of these countries. Next time you travel, keep an eye out for these unique traditions and customs and you might just learn something new.

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